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  • Edward John

    Edward John

    I’ve never smeared peanut butter over a donkey’s face. I can juggle while lying down. About me: shorturl.at/zNRZ8. Contact me: edwardjohnwrites@gmail.com

  • Randy Fredlund

    Randy Fredlund

    I Write. You smile, I hope. Or maybe think a new thought. Presenting experiences and observations in words and images.

  • Delilah Elenoh

    Delilah Elenoh

  • Alex Frederickson

    Alex Frederickson

    Former psychiatric nurse, mental health advocate, author, photographer, artist, human being. People and their real life stories are what make my heart beat.

  • Gunner Barrett

    Gunner Barrett

    LaserDisc Apologist, Grand Intellectual, Seer of Greasy Auras; Bots Welcome. Check out my lists!

  • Liam M

    Liam M

    ** I am trash ** I grew up as a black bag, but now I identify as human. Apparently I write now?

  • Liv Pasquarelli

    Liv Pasquarelli

    Bookworm, LGBTQ+ feminist, and Rhode Islander. In ED and addiction recovery. Weird History writer for Ranker. Founded a blog on indie beauty — theindiemood.com

  • T. Kent Jones

    T. Kent Jones

    Writer/performer: The Daily Show on Comedy Central, The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Morning Sedition with Marc Maron on Air America Radio, more.

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