Does The Pandemic Remind You of Being Pregnant, Or Is That Just Me?

Kristine Laco
3 min readJan 26, 2021
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It seems long ago now that I was pregnant with my youngest being 17. But I started having flashbacks to a time when I was pregnant and concerned. It took me some time to figure out why.

I have distinct recollections of going to my OB/GYN and asking about certain strange things that were happening to my body.

“Heartburn?” I would ask.


“Metallic taste?”




One day my doctor added, “Look. It’s all normal unless you lose a limb. That’s probably something we should discuss.”

I started embracing my body’s changes, and by embracing, I mean complaining until my husband started Googling, “Temporary Housing.”

Fast forward to today. Those strange symptoms I experienced while bringing an ungrateful human into the world are plaguing me again.

I have heartburn. So I googled, “Is heartburn a symptom of COVID-19?”

Don’t do that. Just don’t. Learn from my mistake.

The experts at Google told me my heartburn meant I was overweight. So what? I’m working on my cankles. Can you blame me?

Then I started noticing my real symptoms. The ones that indicated I might have a serious communicable virus. I had to use Dr Google because there is no book — that I know of — entitled, What to Expect When You Have Covid. Mental note: I might have to write that.

The symptoms I am currently experiencing are frightening. I’ve been asking Dr Google a lot.

“Are Body Aches a symptom of Covid?”

“Yes. You have Covid.”

But, it might just be that you’re old and tried working out before you downed that big bag of Doritos.

“How about sniffles?”

“Yes. You have Covid.”

Or, could it be that it is winter and your house is as dry as your legs?

“Sore Throat?” That’s Covid, right?”

“Yes. You have Covid.”

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